Mission, Vision, & Values


Cultivating a family of Jews and Gentiles in Messiah Jesus.


To become a tapestry of Jews and Gentiles who are knit together through the redemption found in Messiah Jesus. We will be a community that provides an equally hospitable space to both Jews and Gentiles, where they can experience forgiveness in God the Son, loving intimacy with God the Father, and empowerment for mission by God the Holy Spirit.


Unity in the Messiah

We centralize a personal relationship with Messiah Jesus, lived out in a community of believers.

We take a firm stance on essential doctrines of the faith and extend charity over that which is non-essential.

Meaningful Relationships

We extend uncommon hospitality to those who believe like we do and those who don’t.

We create opportunities for followers of Jesus to experience genuine friendships.

Cultural Awareness

We are sensitive to unnecessary obstacles to faith in Jesus.

We honor the identity of Jews and Gentiles without an expectation for one to become the other.

Intentional Multiplication

We generously invest in kingdom work locally, nationally, and globally.

We value sending capacity in addition to seating capacity.